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Corporate Ideology

Honjo Chemicals cares for and understands the important relationship between earth and human. At the enterprise we share to contribute to the happiness of the people in the new age by the creation of the highest technology and its application.

Management Policy

  1. To provide products of high quality and service in response to the client's needs.

  2. Profitability by developing unique and original technology.

  3. To continually develop employees to achieve new industry benchmarks and job satisfaction.
  4. A firm management base which is maintained by an efficient management system.

  5. To contribute to everyday society by making a better living environment.

Corporate History

1922. 3

Mr. Sukeo Honjo, the first president, established Zinc Industry Company in Fukushima-ku, Osaka.


The company was reorganized as a joint-stock company. Production and sales of Zinc oxide and distilled Zinc metal were established.


Production and sales of Lithium Metal and Lithium salts were established.

1963. 1

Technical tie-up with Lithium Corporation of America (Present FMC).

1967. 3

Company name was changed to Honjo Zinc Co., Ltd.


Production of Strontium salts and corrosion-proof Magnesium anodes were established.


Company name was changed to The Honjo Chemical Corporation.


Joint venture company, Asia Lithium Corporation was established with Lithium Corporation of America.


For expansion of business, the production and sales divisions are added to gThe Honjo Chemical Corporationh.


Production and sales of monosilane gas for semiconductor grade were established.


Production and sales of organic tin compounds were established.

1986. 3

Production of Butyl Lithium by Asia Lithium were established.

1989. 3

Production and sales of zinc dust were established. in Singapore.

1989. 8

Production of Lithium Metal by Asia Lithium were established.


Company merged with Honjo Kasei Kogyo, Inc.


Joint venture corporation in Dalian, China gDalian Honjo Chemical Corp.h was established. Production and sales of Lithium Bromide began.


Joint venture corporation in Mexico gSolvay Quimica Y Minera, S.A.h was established. Production and sales of Strontium Carbonate began.


Honjo FMC Energy Systems Inc. was established for production and sales of cathode for Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery.


The ultra low temperature reaction plant for Pharmaceutical Chemicals was completed at Naoshima Factory.

2000. 5

Under the cooperation agreement among Mitsubishi Corp., FIC and MER (USA), production facility of Fullerene and Carbon Nanotube at Neyagawa Factory was completed.


Reorganization of group companies, new gThe Honjo Chemical Corp.h was established.

2002. 6

Honjo FMC Energy Systems Inc. was reorganized into Honjo Energy System‚“ as 100% subsidiary company of The Honjo Chemical Corp.

2002. 7

The production and sales of Kyokuto Metal Co., Ltd. was taken over by The Honjo Chemical Corp.

2004. 2

Completion of our new headquarters at Neyagawa Factory.

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