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Naoshima Factory

Developing the latest technologies are concentrated at our site on Naoshima island, which is Honjo Chemical's main factory. With extensive research and production facilities, Naoshima Factory provides benchmark products of the highest quality.

Noshima Factory

Naoshima Factory

Since October, 1999, a new facility producing ultra low temperature reaction (-80 degrees Centigrade) has been in operation. Pharmaceutical and agricultural intermediate chemicals are now produced.

The production process is controlled under the GMP procedure.

Products produced includes

* Lithium bromide
* Lithium hydroxide
* High purity lithium carbonate
* Lithium chloride
* Lithium carbonate micro powder
* Zinc dust
* Zinc oxide

* High conductive zinc oxide
* High purity strontium carbonate
* Strontium nitrate
* Germane gas
* Organic tin compound

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