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Production of Fullerene & Carbon Nanotube

Fullerene and Carbon Nanotube are new forms of carbon after graphite and diamond, and has unique physical, chemical, electrochemical & biological properties. Honjo Chemical has made the first mass-production plant in Japan at Neyagawa Factory under a cooperation agreement with Mitsubishi Corp., Fullerene International Corp.(FIC) and MER Corp. in May, 2000. Samples are available for research and development for every kind of application.

C60 C70

Ultra Low Temperature Reaction Plant for Pharmaceutical Chemicals

This GMP based facility was completed in Honjo Chemical Naoshima Factory in October, 1999 and has been supplying various active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates under sub-contract agreements. Bromide and Lithium compounds, which are chemically reacted by our Ultra Low Temperature Reaction Plant, is leading the industry in this field.

Cathode Material for Lithium Ion Battery

Honjo Chemical is producing and supplying the most advanced cathode material compounds such as Lithium Cobalt oxide, Lithium Nickel oxide and Lithium Manganese oxide among others.
These materials are used for batteries of mobile telephones, personal computers and cars and those demands are growing rapidly.

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